2022, Duett Dance Performance

“Canticles’’ is a 18 minute dance piece, choreographed and performed by Jeanne Binet and Sofia Seta and created in collaboration with the israeli music composer Naim. With a movement research inspired by contemporary and urban dance styles, the performance is punctuated by moments of power and surrender, of an attitude of confrontation and fight.

Connecting with a cinematographic soundscape, the piece explores how bodies can reclaim a spirituality that confronts the oppressive archetypes of the world.

Performed at A.part Festival, Ada studio, Berlin; Centre Culturel de Loctudy, France; Platform 14, Uferstudios, Berlin (2022)


Sofia Seta And Jeanne Binet – Concept/Choreography/Performance

Nadav Kirch (Naim) – Sound Composition

Supported by A.Part Festival At Ada Studio

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