State of Joint

2022, Duett Dance Performance

“State of joint” captures a biographical story and explores the bond dynamics  between brother and sister. Through a hybrid research of movement, states of togetherness, ecstasy, loneliness and separation unfold accompanied by different soundscapes to tell a story based on true events.

A whole universe of interpersonal codes and shared friendship are presented throughout the work revealing the journey of a life together.

Performed at “KulturSommer Wien” (2023); Fragmentos in Teatro Mandril, Buenos Aires (2023); HofFestSpiele, Expedition Metropolis Kreuzberg, Berlin (2022)

To be performed at “Unithea Festival” (Germany) & “Pop-up” (Denmark) in 2024

Created with the support of  Expedition Metropolis Theater Kreuzberg.


Sofía Seta & Lucio Seta – Concept/Choreography/Performance

Martin Crocco – Sound Edition

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