The Anxious Body

2021-22, Research Residency & Solo Dance Performance

This work explores the state of anxiety: how and to what extent are we affected by it in our daily lives? How do we deal with it and how do we confront it? The anxious body emerges as a personal archive of embodied memories. They are released into a space between reality and unreality, revealing a series of states and distorted physicalities. With composer Yannick Pernot, the piece navigates between a tired body and the feeling of anxiety and the search for calm and lilting moments.

Performed at TanzTangente & Brotfabrik, Berlin (2023); C.C Bailarines De Los Rios, Chile (2023); N/N Festival, Expedition Metropolis, Berlin (2022): Katapult, Berlin (2022); 

Supported By “Exme Mobil” Residency At Expedition Metropolis (2021)

Sofia Seta – Concept/Choreography/Performance

Yannick Pernot – Sound Composition

Beatriz Silva – External Eye

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