2019, Solo Dance Performance

Transition is inspired by the state of wakefulness and the state of sleep (REM) and invites the spectator to navigate in an alternate reality of dreams and nightmares. In Transition are captured a high physical body research in relation to a chair, the dark and oneiric soundscapes that accompany and shape the movement in space and the experience of embodying contrasting states of human emotions and surreal universes.

Performed at Performing Arts Festival, Expedition Metropolis, Berlin (2021); HofFestSpiele, Expedition Metropolis Kreuzberg Berlin (2020); Opening Summer Edition, Tanzhalle, Berlin (2020); La Fábrica Theater, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2020); Paul Studios Series, Paul Studio, Berlin (2019); Summer Dance Celebration, Marameo, Berlin (2019)


Sofía Seta – Concept/Choreography/Performance

Ferdinand Grandrieux – Sound Edition

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