128 Kotti

2021, Site-Specific Video Dance Performance

This project wants to open interrogations about the implicit limits to which we obey in everyday life living in a city. How could they be modified or transformed by making them visible through an artistic action? Which is the size of the public spaces boundaries? Is it possible to imagine other ways of inhabiting the places we frequently transit through?

In a noisy and chaotic place (Kottbuser Tor, Kreuzberg) frequented by people and cars going in multiple directions the performers hold each other’s gaze, walk in reverse, and dialogue through explosive movements and also through intimate contact.


Performed at Kottbusser Tor as part of the project "(dis)connect!" tänzerische Fusion (2021) gesellschaftlicher Kommunikationswege von Miriam Taschler and Carla Petzolt. Funded by Nationale Performance Netz - Stepping out

Sofia Seta and Paula Caldirola -Concept/Choreography/Performance
Paula Caldirola - Sound edition
Nina Calvanti - Camera and edition

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